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One At A Time, with Kyle Idleman

Nov 19, 2019

Continuing our Mantra Series, this week’s episode looks at the mantra “Empty the Jar.” Kyle challenges listeners to be engaged where God is calling them with compassion and love. He looks to Luke 7:36 as an example where we see Jesus’ compassion for the woman anointing his feet. On this episode, Kyle talks to Jeanne Allert, founder of The Samaritan Women, a Baltimore nonprofit organization that provides restorative care for victims of sex trafficking. Jeanne talks about her personal mantra being from Luke 12:48; To whom much is given, much is expected. Jeanne was led by the Holy Spirit to do something after meeting a woman by the name of Heather who shared how she had been discarded on the streets of Baltimore by her mother’s ex-boyfriend. 

Kyle encourages believers to set aside judgement as Jesus did, be compassionate as Jesus was and to be “extravagantly generous” to what God is calling us to as we “Empty the Jar”.  

Learn more about The Samaritan Women at:


One at a time is a production of Narrativo.

It’s executive produced by Kyle Idleman and Cary Meyer.

It was edited and produced by Mike Cosper.

Our theme song is by Dan Phelps