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One At A Time, with Kyle Idleman

Apr 16, 2019

Most pastors I know didn’t plan on becoming a pastor. There’s usually a story connected to it of how God unexpectedly led them down that path. A number of years ago, I saw that our church was getting ready to plant a new church in Harlem, New York called Renaissance Church. That’s when I first heard the name Jordan Rice. He was going to be the lead pastor. Like other pastors I know, he didn’t plan on becoming a pastor, but his story is unlike any story I’ve ever heard. He grew up in a home full of lawyers, and he was headed that way, trying to avoid being a pastor of a church. But on April 15, 2010, Jordan heard Tim Keller speak at Calvary Baptist Church in New York. Keller’s sermon, titled God Loves Cities, painted a picture of cities that compelled Jordan to do something. He was practicing family law, but as soon as he heard the sermon, he knew the law was behind him.
By June, his wife, whom he’d recently married, became sick. This began a journey of profound loss and confusion that ultimately became a beautiful story of redemption. At the heart of it, you’ll hear of a God who calls and a God who cares for us in the midst of dark moments. Today, we’ll wrestle with the question of, “How does God lead me through darkness?"