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One At A Time, with Kyle Idleman

Apr 9, 2019

From age 11 to age 49, Tony Cash spent 36 years in prison, much of it in solitary confinement. He was fearless of crime and consequences, and his world was made of violence and chaos. For many people, this is just how life is; they don’t know anything else. You can feel trapped inside an ever-deepening well, and even when your heart and mind long for things to be different, there doesn’t appear to be a way out.

For Tony, there wasn’t an easy way out… but there was a light. In the harsh world of crime and prison, Tony found Jesus and slowly but surely, Jesus began to guide him into a new way of life – a life that has led dozens of others to Jesus as well. Tune in to Tony’s story as we ask the question, “Can I really change?”